Kirby Cove

After a long week of rain and a round of colds, Kyle and I were dying to spend some quality time outside. We ventured out to Sausalito where we spent the day exploring the Marin Headlands and taking in the incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge that surround the area. I had never seen […]

Mama’s on Washington Square

Nearly every food blog and/or Instagram about the Bay Area has a post about Mama’s. And with good reason. It’s been in business for over fifty years and has earned it’s place as a San Franciscan institution. The breads and pastries are always baked fresh, the jam is homemade, the omelets are fluffy, and the […]

Smoothie Time

Raise your hand if you enjoy making complicated recipes with unusual, expensive ingredients that require the use of more than half the dishes you own. What’s that? No hands? Shocking! If you like challenging recipes and spending hours in the kitchen, more power to you. I in no way write this to mock you, I […]

Red’s Java House

Last Saturday we went into the city with every expectation of visiting the Conservatory of Flowers, instead, we ended up eating, and just never really stopped. At some point during our eating hiatus, we stumbled into Red’s Java House. Before we found Red’s, I couldn’t imagine a restaurant on Pier 30 being considered “hole-in-the-wall.” It’s […]

Winchester Mystery House

Do you believe in ghosts? Sarah Winchester did. There are dozens of varied theories floating around about the mysterious Sarah Winchester and why she did what she did. The basic story is this: After losing her daughter to a rare childhood disease and her husband to tuberculosis, Sarah believed that she was next in line […]

Costa Rica

Take me back, Costa Rica. I miss everything about you except for the howler monkeys, the iguanas, and the coatis. Can you tell that I’m an animal person? Two questions: Have you ever heard a howler monkey howl? And, do you know what a coati is? Thank goodness for the internet. Watch this video and […]


It’s refreshing to go to a restaurant that does one thing amazingly well, instead of doing lots of things only fairly well. Homeroom serves the most delicious mac and cheese you’ve ever had, and in epic proportions. My favorites are the Gilroy Mac with Gouda, pecorino, and roasted garlic; the Hawaiian Mac with Havarti, bacon, […]